Monday, June 2, 2008

An Interesting Commute

Today, I did my normal, daily commute to work under a sunny sky with temps in the mid 70s. Perfect. Nothing to report about the actual riding, but I did come across a very unusual sight around 110th st. on the west side pathway. A sturgeon had either jumped or been carried from the Hudson River and beached itself a foot or so away from the bike path. For those of you unfamiliar with the path, this means it went about 6 to 8 feet out of the water to get where it was resting. It was very dead. But it did not smell, so I'm assuming it had not been there for long. It was baking in the sun and was starting to boil on it's back so I'm sure the stink came very shortly after I left. The thing was huge. About five feet long, it's tail was missing so perhaps it was even closer to six, and it also had a pretty nasty bite or injury of some sort on the side of it's head. What a nasty looking, ugly creature! When I came upon it I thought it was maybe part of a giant snake, or part alligator part fish. A mutant from the glorious Hudson river! Enjoy the pic.

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