Thursday, September 18, 2008

Round Two

So the quest for RAAM was a big wash out. This year, anyways. I've taken quite a break from posting here for a number of reasons.

1) The IT department at work decided blogs are social sites so I'm blocked. Unfortunately, this is where I did nearly all of my writing and posting. It actually got busier at work, too, so I'm forced to work!

2) I got a bit discouraged in early July when I realized I was probably not going to be able to swing the time, team support, and mileage needed to compete against a guy named Jay - he won it and qualified for RAAM, congrats to him. This wasn't going to make me quit all together, but it was certainly a blow to the ol' moral.

3) My road bike died.

4) I had still decided to go even after the road bike went kaput using my fixed gear Redline instead. I had plans on just doing a tourist version of the ADK 540. What the heck is a tourist version? Well, I just made that up, but I had the idea of just taking it easy and riding the entire race unsupported with the goal of just finishing. But then on Monday, the week of the race, I was hit by a car commuting home. I'm alive and kickin' but the ribs are seriously unhappy and I would've suffered miserably had I decided to go for the 544 miles.

So there's my sob story. Now, back to the regularly scheduled program.

O yeah, round two. I have A LOT more time and a heck of a base to work with and I'll be seen next year.

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stephend9 said...

That really sucks that you got hit. Glad to hear that you are recovering okay though.

What happened to your road bike?