Sunday, April 19, 2009

The MTB racer is nearly set up

Today, I finally had all the parts together to finish the build for my Cannondale 1fg 29er single speed. The bike was a behemoth straight from the factory, and with quite a few modifications I've whittled away the weight to make most weight weenies weepy eyed. From really heavy, probably 25+ pounds, to now 20 pounds right on the nose this bike should be perfect for the 100 mile races it's targeted for this season.

The only original items from the stock build are the stem, handle bar, and crankset. The cranks will be replaced eventually, but since the current cranks do work perfectly fine and aren't much heavier than the chi chi stuff out on the market, they will stick around for a few more days.

The last bits I was waiting on were the wheels and brakes. I decided to go tubeless with the wheels so Stan's no tubes rims were the best choice. ZTR 355 29er rims, dt swiss super comp spokes 32H 3X laced to a Lefty hub up front and an American Classic disc single speed hub in the rear. The wheelset weighs in at a very light 1600 grams and that includes the 18T cog, spacers for the cog, yellow stan's rim strips, and the valves for each wheel. Minus all that jazz the set probably weighs around 1500 grams, maybe a touch less. That's crazy, in my opinion! They are the same weight as my road bike wheelset!

For the tires, I chose Continental Mountain King 2.2. They weigh 630 grams each and were very easy to set up tubeless. I could've gone a bit lighter here but would've made some sacrifices either in durability, traction, or both. Since you can only go so fast, anyways, on a single speed, I figure it's good to have some traction!

The brakes I ended up going with are the Hope Mini X2 Pro 160mm up front and 140mm in the rear. The build quality of these brakes is absolutely incredible. Drool worthy for any CNC afficiando. These are the lightest brakes out there besides the Formula R1, and from all the info I could glean on the web, the Hopes are a better brake. They feel amazing. Straight out of the box they are bled and feel perfect. I do need to shorten the lines, but will wait until after the 100 mile race this weekend to do so.

So, without further ado, here're some pics:


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