Thursday, February 10, 2011

early 2011

Last summer, I raced against Jeremy Powers, a pro road and cyclocross racer, perhaps 3 times in July at hilly NE road races, and later over Labor Day weekend at the GMSR in VT.  Soon after the stage race in VT, we got in touch, and he asked if I wanted to race with a team he's involved with two of his friends Al and Mukunda.

For 2011 I'm on the team JAM/Wheelhouse racing with 11 others from around the Northeast.  We will primarily be racing in the Northeast, but there are also some great opportunities to race outside of the country.  I'm very excited to say I'll be racing in Brazil at two 5 day UCI stage races in April.  And then two days after I return from Brazil I'm off to Bangkok, Thailand for the Tour of Friendship with Neil Pryde Bikes.

Brazil is sure to be a challenge especially this early in the season.  I'll be racing against top South American pros over amazing terrain.  Thailand originally appeared to be more of a "fun" race I was going to treat as a vacation, but I've recently learned there are going to be a few Asian pro teams attending.

Next week I'm heading to Barcelona, Spain for 9 days with my wife.  We are both very excited and can't wait to tour the area!  I'm bringing my Alize, and hope to meet up with another Neil Pryde epic rider who lives in Barcelona to go for a long ride one day.

So far 2011 is off to a great start.  More to come, but now it's time to ride for a few hours!

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