Tuesday, April 12, 2011

leg opener, day 2

Outside our hotel before the ride:


Today we went for basically the same ride as yesterday but did a few 5' threshhold efforts.

For the ride we were met by Doug, one of the GC contenders for both races. He got 2nd place last year at one of the races.

I got a flat before we even made it to the highway. A small sliver of metal pierced right through the tire and tube!

Being comfortable now with the extreme conditions I managed to snap a few photos. Yes, it's actually an interstate with speeds as high or higher than the US.  At one point a police vehicle pulled over in front of us with the lights on causing us to panic, but they were just getting out to collect a orange cone on the shoulder of the road and didn't even glance at us as we illegally rode by!

At least we weren't alone.

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