Saturday, July 25, 2009

Training 7-19-09 to 7-25-09

Another week rolls by and I'm getting ready for my 101 mile mtb race this coming Saturday! I can't wait!

Sun: Attempted to mtb, but my pedals failed so mtb'd for 60', then went home and went for a casual road ride for 90'
Mon: Commuted to work 80'
Tues: took the day off, major rain!
Wed: 15' warmup, 40' tempo, 5x7' hill intervals at FTP+ with about 3'-4' rest between, 40' tempo, 15' cool down, 80' commute to work
Thurs: 15' warmup, 60' tempo with 20 second max efforts in 53x13 every 5', 30' tempo, 15' cooldown, 80' commute to work
Fri: 15' warmup, 60' endurance pace, 15' cooldown, 40' commute to work
Sat: 15' warmup, 180' endurance pace, 15' cooldown


Anonymous said...

What a huge improvement this year's training schedule has made. You're wearing out & breaking the equipment!
I understand you've been asked to train with some serious people?
Any thoughts about a sponsorship?

Sean Smith said...

Focusing on getting faster was a natural progression for my type of riding and I think developing the base last year was very helpful. I like to go fast, so it only makes sense to train myself to go faster. The improvements thus far have been dramatic.

To get sponsorship I need to become more active in races. Perhaps later this year, but more likely next year, I'm going to try and plan out a road racing season with the help of some people who said I need to go race!

I'm doing a few mtb races, long ones ~100 mile range, and one is next weekend so we'll see how I compete with the top guys in that. I'm hoping to do well, but seriously lack experience compared to the top few guys although my engine is probably comparable if not even a bit stronger. I should point out I'm referring to the single speed category and not the pro geared men. I don't have the aid station stuff nailed down, only recently have figured out what really works well for me nutrition-wise, and have barely any miles on the mtb so the hands and upper body take some abuse they aren't used to. I'm hoping it's nothing I can't pull through!