Thursday, April 24, 2008

Cave In & rides

I finally bit the bullet and decided a professional bike fit is a necessity for my long distance riding. On Monday, after work, I plan on seeing Mike Sherry with Performance Labs (hc) on the Upper West Side. I decided to go with him over Paul Levine at Signature or xxx at Cadence Cycle for a few reasons. Mr Levine is nearly $400 and Mr Sherry is $250. Why cheap out on your body?? I read an interview with Mr Sherry's partner, Craig Upton, and came away very impressed with their philosophy, and think they will be excellent for setting me up exactly how I need to be. I also spoke with him on the phone, and he was very knowledgeable and even sounded excited about helping me out. Cadence was not impressive over the phone and are about the same price as Signature Cycles. Their coaches are highly recommended though so perhaps I just got a slouch on the phone.

This weekend I'm doing another 200km brevet on Saturday. This time in Westfield, MA. There's a 300km brevet in Saratoga Springs this weekend on Sunday, but I can't get a ride and don't really want to bug my parents again especially since the brevet starts at 4am. The Westfield series is quite a bit closer to NYC so I hope to continue on there instead to act like I'm qualifying for the Paris-Brest brevet.

I consider the brevets good butt training for the RAAM, but not so great in the aerobic department since the pace is quite a bit slower than I normally ride by myself. Of course I'm speaking from my one and only experience in Saratoga last month. Perhaps this one will be different! I'm guessing many more people will be present at the very least.

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