Tuesday, April 22, 2008

To Fit or not to Fit

Every since I got my new long distance ride I've been hemming and hawing over whether I should have a professional bike fitting. I even went so far as to book an appointment with the uber elite Signature Cycles and Mr Levine in Midtown Manhattan. Unfortunately I was on jury duty and I had to cancel! $375 seems like a lot of money to have someone 'fit' me. Will it be accurate? Many say yes. Others say it was disastrous - although not with Mr Levine. On the other hand, $375 is not much money considering how many miles I'm putting on the bike. The little 'the rides' thing on my blog says nearly 900 miles over the past month and that is missing some rides since I didn't start recording them online until just yesterday and had to use what was logged in my polar cs200 cyclocomputer.

Yesterday I found online another fancy shop in NYC (surprise?) called Cadence cycles down in Tribeca. They offer fit services for a tad bit less ($315) than Signature Cycles and seem to have a roughly equivalent reputation although Mr Levine seems nearly mythical in stature. Cadence also does V02 max and lactate threshold testing with high tech gear. The V02 max isn't really necessary for my type of riding although I must admit I am curious as to what it is...but not a few hundred dollars curious. The lactate threshold is, however, very important for my training and I'm considering having it done as well. I've read how to do it myself, and could even do it on the fluid trainer at home but will it be as accurate? does it even matter?!??

Anyone want to donate roughly $600 to my training fund??????

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