Monday, May 5, 2008

Battle with the Saddles

This weekend was probably the most uncomfortable I've ever been on a bicycle. And I didn't even ride that far. The Selle San Marco Concor Light is the most evil, twisted torture device I've ever found to put under my butt. On Saturday, I headed out for my 157 mile weekend long distance ride early in the morning under a very grey sky which promised (lies) to be decent later in the afternoon. It started raining shortly after I got over the GWB and didn't let up until I gave up and turned around after about 25 miles of northward pedaling. The rain isn't exactly what made me turn around. It was the fence post I was straddling. My butt HURT and I was only an hour in to the ride. I think it's too narrow for me. It also has very little padding. My 163lb body simply needs more cush, I guess.

On Sunday, I went for another ride assuming it would provide discomfort but feeling the need to put in the miles. I managed to crank out 90 miles and for the most part was in constant mild pain. I had to stand often and when I did my butt would feel like it was burning!

Today, I remembered I had an old, heavy Specialized saddle in the parts bin so I put it on basically just as a temporary remedy until the "rolls" by San marco arrives in a few days. Ah, what a relief!! The specialized was very comfortable but it should be. It has quite a bit of cushion. I don't really like the material it's made of as on longer rides I think it would get pretty hot and nasty, but for commuting it's perfect.

The Rolls better be the last saddle I ever need to get. It is the opposite of everything I've tried recently being a tank, wider, longer, and pretty cushy. I suppose it's similar to the specialized but of much higher quality with a nice leather and titanium rails.

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Zack said...

I ride the San Marco Rolls on my fixed gear, and love it. It's an older version, but has always felt great.

That said, I'm not riding 100+ mile distance rides on that bicycle. But I do carry a 10-30 lbs. of gear with me, including backpack, chain, u-lock, laptop computer, etc.

Good luck! You've certainly put in the time and effort researching saddles.