Monday, May 12, 2008

Great bibs at an even greater price

I recently made the change from shorts to bibs and have to say I regret not doing so A REALLY LONG TIME AGO. They are superior to shorts in every way. The only negative I can find is the majority of the bibs out there cost A LOT. An example: I just placed an order for some Assos Fi UNO for my 'special long distance weekend bib' and they cost $155 dollars. And that's their lower end model. Most cost over $200. Of course, these prices are Assos, which many consider to be the best bib available, and not for other brands. A quick search through other high end brands will yield similar prices, though. And that brings me to the title of this post... While perusing the web a few weeks ago I ran across a post on Bike Forum about bibs and many people recommended Voler bibs for the best bang for your buck. And as I read on I learned that Hammer Nutrition uses Voler bibs with their own logo and they offer the same Voler bib with an upgraded chamois (Volers top of the line) for LESS than the cheaper Voler bibs. So, as long as you can stomach some advertising you can get yourself some great training/general riding bibs for $50. I've used them on all day jaunts and short training rides. No complaints. They simply work. Excellent compression, nice feeling fabric, and I like that they have no silicone on the leg grippers - but they still grip perfectly fine. They feel better than my Pearl Izumi Microsensor shorts which cost nearly three times as much as the Hammer bibs.

I've now a small collection of Hammer bibs, but also bought some Performance Ultra bibs which were about ten dollars more than the Hammer bibs, on sale. I think the Ultra's are great shorts as well, but they seem like they will not be as durable. The fit is excellent as is the Escher fabric used through the lower part of the bibs. After two rides totaling about 450 miles, though, the insides are already showing signs of wear on the seams on either side where they graze the saddle on occasion. The Hammer bibs do not have this issue nor do they have the seams in, in my opinion, somewhat odd locations on the chamois like the Ultra's. I don't notice them when riding, but they just don't seem like the best place for stitching to be. I'm not a bib designer though:)

You can get a discount of 15% off the Hammer bibs, or any other product by using me as a referral with the code 75865 - or click the picture in the top left corner of the blog. If you haven't used their nutrition products I also highly recommend those. Perpetuem is great for endurance events along with their various flavors of gel - I like tropical, but others like banana are OK, too. Heed is nice in the water bottle. It's barely sweet but adds some flavor along with some electrolytes.

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