Thursday, May 15, 2008

Brooks Team Professional

This, hopefully, is my last post regarding saddles. I've ridden two times now on the Brooks Team Professional. Once while commuting, and the other being a 3 hour hammer fest this morning. Tonight I'll commute and go for a long night ride to make sure I have it set up precisely before the 300km brevet this Saturday.

I'm very happy with how the Brooks feels. Conflicting reports say it is either super comfortable from the first assuming you set it up properly, or it's a rough start but after a few hundred miles it becomes your favorite couch. I'm still trying to convince myself to feel uncomfortable while perched atop it. It just doesn't make sense for a saddle that feels so hard with absolutely zero cushion to not cause any discomfort. O well, I guess I'll have to accept the fact it just works. I really enjoy the super slick feeling of the seemingly high quality honey colored leather. The hammered copper rivets and rails are also super sexy.

On my first ride initially it was a bit disconcerting, and I thought perhaps I had it set up improperly because I felt like I was sliding all over the place. Upon inspection when I got home, I did, in fact, have the seatpost up a touch too high, and I think I needed to tilt the saddle up to very slightly nose up. In other words, barely perciptible to the naked eye.

This morning I started to really appreciate the shape of the Team Professional. It seems like it was shaped specifically for my butt. It holds it o so nicely while spreading the weight very evenly. No sitbone pain predicted here!

Conclusion: Ignore the 500gm's of hand crafted leather saddle and just ride! I highly recommend this one, and personally think it's nicer than the Selle An-atomica. The Selle is no slouch in comfort either, but I think I prefer the very firm and slick feel the Brooks offers.

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