Monday, December 27, 2010

Rapha Festive 500 - the blizzard ride


Data after four days:
distance - 227.5km
time - 9hrs

elevation gain - 2974m

On the 26th, A blizzard warning was in effect starting around noon so we left CT early Sunday AM, and I eagerly anticipated my planned ride along the west side bike path in Manhattan starting a little after 1pm.

The weather quickly deterioated as I headed south.  The nor'easter wind increased throughout the day and made it a quick ride despite the steadily increasing snow on the path.

Eventually the wind grew so strong I started considering the return north to my apartment.  The snow was blowing and drifting and I soon learned that the studded snow tires do not perform well through drifts with depths of snow exceeding roughly 4 inches.  They were ok in deeper snow as long as it was a consistent depth.

I turned around where the path was blocked by construction south of the Goldman Sachs building.  I was quickly greeted with huge gusts of wind and snow.  What followed was an intense battle grinding my way along the path in 38x26.  Icy snow consistently stung my face.

My average speed was 19.4mph southbound.  After finishing the ride my avg speed was 12.4mph on a mostly flat, smooth paved road and I was working hard!  Near the end, my favorite part of the ride, there are some large steps that I ride both ways on my daily commute.

Time:  124 minutes
Distance:  26 miles

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