Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Rapha Festive 500 - messy commute


I had reservations about commuting to work on Tuesday the 28th.  I do not have fenders attached to my 'cross bike yet so I figured if I made it to work I'd be very dirty and wet.  The side roads were still messy and sometimes unplowed.  

The northern half of the path along side the west side highway was untouched by a blade.  So I road past Columbia Med. on Ft Washington then went down the hill to Riverside Dr where I commuted through a very wet, dirty brown slush.

Eventually I arrived at 96th st and the path was plowed that led to the greenway.  I decided to hop on it, mostly to escape the nasty slush, but didn't make it very far before it became impassable.

So I tossed the bike on my shoulder for a little 'cross practice and started running through the snow.  The path opened up again a few hundred meters down so I performed an ugly mount with a bootie hanging off the shoe and was on my way to Riverside Dr again.  At 59th st, I headed towards the bike path and was happy to find it was mostly clear.

Commuting home after work turned out to be uneventful.  I took the same way I came in the morning, and got even more slush sprayed on my rear.

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