Friday, December 24, 2010

Rapha Festive 500

Data after three days:
distance - 186km
time - 473 minutes
elevation gain - 2811m

For the next seven days, I'm going to be taking part in Rapha's Festive 500.

I originally had a goal of 1300km, but after riding on the studded snow tires a few days I quickly realized I would not be covering as many miles due to the very high resistance of the Schwalbe winter marathons. How about 1000km now???

Day 1
I awoke at 6am and was greeted outside by dark skies and a 24F temperature with a windchill of 15F. I headed out for a 2 hour bistate ride before work on Stinky Pink with a backpack loaded for work. I started in the dark over the George Washington Bridge, and was eventually greeted with beautiful views of the Hudson while heading north on River Rd in NJ. I rode about halfway on River Rd then turned around and started towards work. A great way to start the day.


Time: 137 minutes
Distance: 36.1 miles

Day 2

For the second day of the Festive, Stinky Pink was loaded on to the back of the car and headed north from NYC to northwestern CT. Often I ride all the way from my apt in Manhattan to my parents place, but the studded tires make me go so slow I'd be on the road for 8 hours in sub-freezing weather riding in a headwind all day long...wah wah. Anyways, I opted to be dropped off north of the city and get in a nice 40 mile ride through the country to their house.


Lots of climbing averaging 100ft per mile, very cold with a windchill around 20F, and a constant headwind made this a deceivingly tough ride. My avg speed is so low I wonder if I'm losing my fitness.

I arrived at my parents house roughly 3 hours after being dropped off.  I couldn't feel my fingers, but otherwise felt great!

Time:  158 minutes
Distance:  39.8 miles

Day 3

For my third day, XMAS DAY, I took stinky pink out for a jaunt around the Washington, CT area.  Lots of climbing again averaging 100ft+ per mile.  Roughly half the ride was on dirt roads with a smattering of single and double track and big road climbs. Another day of sub-freezing weather, but today I put warmers on both my hands and feet hoping I'd be able to make it for more than a few hours before freezing.  Success!  Near the end my fingers started chilling a bit, but I think I finally have my winter kit nailed.


Time:  177 minutes
Distance:  39.7 miles

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