Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Rapha Festive 500 - post blizzard, ride?


Data after five days:
distance - 229.5km
time - 9.16hrs

elevation gain - 3223m

The blizzard came.  It snowed about 20" over most of NYC, and due to the wind there are huge drifts of snow everywhere.  I had doubts that the 27th's ride would be very successful due to the unplowed streets.

Some of the main streets appeared to be reasonably plowed, but not really safe to ride on due to the giant plow trucks.  Once I got to a side street, the snow was now present on the road and I had to dismount a few times in some deeper sections.  Then up the road near where I turned around the snow was unplowed and about two feet deep and a number of cars were completely buried.

So I turned around and limped home down Broadway.

Distance:  1.29 miles

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